How to be a poker pro

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For a professional poker player to average $500/hr (s)he has to be playing fairly high stakes games in which you are winning and losing sums between $10,000 and $100,000 on an hourly basis. When money comes and goes from your hands that quickly for long periods of time it basically becomes impossible to be frugal with your money.

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How To Become A Professional Poker Player

How to Become a Poker Pro | 3 Concepts Every Pro Needs Poker No Longer an EZ Game Following the Poker Boom, some patience and a little knowledge went a long way towards making a successful player. Now you need more advanced tools in your arsenal if you want to win consistently.

Every poker pro needs to have a large bankroll. Although you don't need to play in the highest stakes games in order to make a living as a poker player, you do need to be solvent enough to take any opportunity as it arises.

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Poker Pro Recommended Rooms. We recommend BoDog Poker and PokerStars for good starting points on your quest to be a professional online poker player. Both rooms have a large number of weak players and inexperienced poker players that make it a bit easier to build your bankroll.

PokerPro Journey - The road to becoming a poker pro